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Hand us the keys, and get hours back in your day! 

Dedicated Management 

Proprietary PPC




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PPC Strategy Crafted 
Specifically For You

Every Amazon business is different, and the same blanket advertising solutions don't work for everyone.


At CliQ Valet, we use a combination of managed service & automation to deliver guaranteed results and take the guesswork out of PPC.

Our all-encompassing service will spare you of all the headaches of keyword research, campaign planning, daily optimization, & much more.


Our Secret Sauce


Keyword Research & Strategic Planning

Save time and money sorting through thousands of keywords. Our proprietary keyword planner does all the heavy lifting for you. Start from scratch to swarm the market, play defense against your competition, or push to dominate long-tail keywords. Wherever your business is at, we've got you covered!

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Campaign Launch & Optimization

We take Valet to a whole new level – Get 1:1 support from a dedicated campaign manager who knows your business inside and out. Your campaign manager works in tandem with our automated bid optimization tools to ensure your bidding strategy is dynamic and consistently optimized. Share your goals and we handle the rest!

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Who Doesn't Love TACOS?

While strong PPC performance is our goal, improving TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sale) is our north star. We believe in building long-term sustainable results by optimizing organic ranking alongside your PPC campaigns. Our priority is putting money in your pocket, and that requires paid ads & organic traffic to work together. One day, you might not even need us, and that’s a win in our book!

Explore Our Pricing Options

Our mission is to support sellers of all sizes by growing our partnership as your business scales. We offer competitive pricing on a per-product basis.


No hidden fees, no mysterious contracts, with the option to upgrade or cancel at anytime if your business needs change. 

  • Just Getting Started

    Every month
    Get up and running with your first product
    • Full Amazon PPC Management
    • Dedicated Campaign Manager
    • Automated Bid Optimization
    • Keyword Research & Planning
    • Budget Management
    • Improve Organic Ranking

Limited Time Offer:

Dedicated Launch Consultant

New to Amazon and need some help getting started? Work with one of our Launch Pros and add an Amazon expert to your team. Get a head start to get your brand up and running in 90 days, while we assist with all services including:

Account Setup

Listing Creation







30-Day PPC


What Our Clients Say

“CliQ Valet is a game changer! I am a smaller seller with only 3 ASINs but PPC campaigns were driving me CRAZY. Love that I can just sit back and know the CliQ Valet team will take care of everything."  

Adam Lewis, Owner of LewCo

“Incredible service from a fantastic team. Other PPC managers charged me thousands per month and I still had to manage half the campaigns on my own. Can't beat the price and results speak for themselves. ”

Artun Bekar, CEO of Catcher Labs

“CliQ Valet was the reason we got on Amazon.  We were all DTC and had no experience with Amazon before our partnership. Trust me.... take advantage of the Launch package before it is gone. Worth every penny! 

Allie Shaker, CMO of SweetCity 

Connect With Our Partners

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